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Our Cats

Here is some information on our Cats.

Herbie Kitty


Today we lost a member of our family, Herbie our cat. He was first introduced to me in 1988 when my roommate Patty brought him home one night. The lady that owned the tanning salon next to Domino’s Pizza where we worked had kittens she was giving away. At first I was not interested in having a cat, but soon we became close and he was with me for 20 years until this morning when we had to put him to sleep. The Vet thinks he might have had a stroke because he was unable to stand up this morning, and appeared to be in pain.

I will always remember how much happiness and joy he brought into my life, and feel better to think about what a good life he had with me as well. I will never forget him, he was a great cat. Rest in Peace Herbie Kitty.



This is Schatzi. We got her a few years back, and I believe Herbie lived a few extra years because of her. They loved each other very much, and she gave Herbie a reason to live a few extra years. They were so cute sleeping and playing together. She is very smart, and has a very similar personality to Herbie.


Bailey-Also known as the “Rain Kitty”

This is Bailey Kitty. She was found several years ago by Monica in Alabama. She is not the smartest cat in the world. I call her the “Rain Kitty” after the movie “Rain Man”. One thing I can say is she is very affectionate and is constantly wanting your attention. She loves to jump on your lap and have you pet her for hours. Unfortunately she doesn’t get along that well with other cats, including Schatzi.

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1. Bryana - May 26, 2008

I LOVE these cats. I can’t choose. I’m Schatzi’s real mom and Rain Kitty has my same birthday. I’m torn between these beautiful animals. Herbie was a great kitty as well. He welcomed Schatzi into his home and they were the best of friends. R.I.P. Herbie. We will miss you!

2. xjion89 - July 31, 2008

ooo, I am a cat-lover too. Even though I had lost 2 cats already, I still love cat. Because they just give us happiness. I hope that Herbie will rest in peace, 20 years old is a really long time, you really took good care of Herbie.

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