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Monica’s Family

My family setup is very different than the norm. I am the oldest of four children. I have one brother named Tony and two sisters named Brittney and Mandy. I love them very much and don’t get to see them very often because we all live far apart.

Brittney is 23 years old and married and lives in Bakersfield, CA. She and her husband just bought their first home and I am very happy for them.

My brother Tony lives in Virginia with my mother and youngest sister. Tony will be 18 in the summer of 08′ and is graduating high school this year. He has won several awards, is a computer genius, and is graduating with honors.

Mandy, my youngest sibling is 12 years old and is in junior high. We joke around that she is my mini me because we look so much alike.

Here is the complicated part. My dad’s side of the family lives in Alabama and my mother’s side in California. I was raised primarily by my grandparents in California and consider them my parents, even though I have and always will love my mom in a special way. My Grandpa is my very best friend in the whole world and we are so much alike it is scary. We seem to understand eachother like no one else and can read eachothers mind without even saying words. He is my hero and a great man of faith and wisdom. I love and respect my Grandma as well. She took me under her wing and had always been there for me and believed in me. She is the most patient person I know and I have a very special bond with her.

The only sibling that I really lived with for any great deal of time during my childhood was Brittney because we are the closest in age.

My dad was murdered when I was six years old and he is buried in the country in Alabama. I am very close to his mom which is Granny to me. I respect and love her deeply. She is a very strong and Godly woman with a lot of character. She is also a soft spoken woman with a big heart for her family and friends. And I must not forget to say that her passion in life is her flower garden!!!

I have lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins scattered between California and Alabama.

I have two cousins in California, Ashley and Laura. Ashley has an adorable son named Demarco.

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1. the great mandini! - May 26, 2008

i luv da pics on dis page!
im glad eric nd u didn put up da pic wit brians brutr nd me!
(i wood’v kild eric!)
luv yall!

2. the great mandini! - May 26, 2008


3. Christina Irene - March 26, 2009

Thanks for sharing with us your family! YOu are a beautiful woman with a beautiful family! 🙂

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