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Erik’s Family

Erik\'s Family

I have only one Sister named Tina. She currently lives in Fountain Valley, California with her Husband Kimo and their children Tanya, Angel, Luke and Keely.

Me and Tina


My Mom is named Eva, and was born in Denmark. She currently lives in Chino Hills, California. She enjoys her dog Harley.

Mom and Ken

My Dad is named Rolf. He was born in Germany. He currently lives in Barrington Illinois. He is currently married to Gigi who is my Stepmom.

Dad & Gigi

We usually all get together at least once a year. Usually we meet in Las Vegas and have a Family reunion since my Dad and Gigi live in Chicago and we don’t get a chance that often to see him.

las vegas trip
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1. Dad & Gigi - May 26, 2008

Hi Monica and Erik :

Very nice – we like ! This must have been a lot of work for you.
Now we finally are on the world wide web, and for a good reason

Well done……………………….Gigi and Dad

2. Tina - June 12, 2008

Stop calling my nephew a peeled egg! LOL
He looks adorable as usual….Erik your story about the sleep, ducks, cats is too funny….I know it’s not meant to be funny, but, I could not help it, sorry….LOL
Anyhow, I love the webpage and I hope to get baby Kyle’s dedication video on there soon.
Love Tina

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