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Plenty of free time March 24, 2010

Posted by emuleman in Family.
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In a couple of days I will have been officially unemployed for three weeks. People close to me know the details of my departure from a company I worked almost 14 years for, so I will leave the details out of this blog. Needless to say it was the right time for me to leave, and this is a big change for me and my family.

After having the last several weeks off I realize that we all need to continually go through changes in our lives. Most of them are no big deal. We make the necessary adjustments and adapt rather well. But every once in a while we go through a big change, as the one I find myself in the middle of.

Change can be extremely scary to anyone, especially one that leaves a question of what your future holds. This can become a very stressful thing for me, as my number one priority is to provide for my family.

One thing I am very thankful for is having the opportunity to spend more time with Kyle. I was really unaware of how much I had been missing. I obviously need to work which means I will be away from my home for the day, but this is when some special moments happen. I am happy I have had this time with Kyle, and I know we both have grown a stronger connection and bond because of it.

I have been going through many different emotions as I contemplate what I am looking for. I know I am willing to do any number of different things for a wide variety of different companies. I have been trying to figure out what will bring me the most happiness and personal fulfillment.

I find myself going through stressful times where all I can focus and think about is finding a job. I start to get scared of the prospect of not being able to provide for my family, and this is terrifying to me. It makes it difficult for me to concentrate on anything. I have been working on relaxing a bit, so I can think rationally.

Other days are much better, especially after I might hear about a possible job opportunity. I seem to perk up, and my confidence returns rather quickly. I then realize that I have much to offer a employer, and that I need to have more faith that I will find something that will be perfect for me.

This up and down cycle has been going on for almost three weeks now, and it has been stressful. Many people remind me that I need to focus on all the positives, and be thankful and happy that my family and I are all healthy. They remind me that everything will work itself out, and that in time everything will be back to normal.

I am so thankful for my family and friends who have helped me recently with encouraging conversations about my future.  I also want to thank my friends Patty and Gail who invited Monica, Kyle and I to a great St. Patrick’s Day party, which photos I have included in this blog.

The future is unknown for me at the moment.  In the mean time I will try to enjoy this free time with my family.



1. Tara - March 24, 2010

Glad you like the photos! I think they came out great! Good to see you guys at the party – and I think your last sentence says it all! ENJOY this time with your family…it’s invaluable! Kyle won’t remember much from this young but he’ll remember spending time with you!!! 🙂

emuleman - March 24, 2010

Thanks for the photos Tara, I really like them!

2. Auntie Kitty - March 24, 2010

Fun family pix – thanks for sharing. It is any coincidence that you have a beer in your hand along with a big smile on your face! Monica looks very happy and I cannot believe how big your little “mini Me” is getting. I miss you all.

3. Veronica - March 24, 2010

Hi Erik, even though you are going through a stressful time you definitely look happy, believe me this too shall pass I’ve been there. I strongly believe things happen for a reason, I’m sure you were meant to do better things. Hang in there.

4. Scott - March 24, 2010

Good to hear from you Erik. Keep your chin up, and yes, things will work out for the better. Say hi to your family for me.

5. gail fischer - March 24, 2010

Hi buddy,
thanks for the kind words…
Patty & I love you and know the right job is awaitng you, Keep the faith!! Love Gail (:

Allan Frank - March 24, 2010

I know this must be a difficult time right now but there
is nothing more valuable then the time you are able to spend with Monica and Kyle.My dad always said “so you’ll retire a year later”.You cannot put a price on your happiness and work will always be there.There is something better for you and be patient you will find it.Like others have told you this too shall pass.Enjoy the time with your family and Go Cubs !!!
Stay in touch,we miss you,
P.S. Jake really is enjoying the Pink Floyd cd,thanks again

6. Vandy Barras - March 25, 2010


We all love and miss you at work and wish you and your family the best. I agree with Veronica, it will pass, and to be good is to do good. I truly believe you made the right decision for you and your family. Good look always! I hope you find the job of a lifetime!


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