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“Reflections – Things Motherhood Has Taught Me” December 18, 2009

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Sometimes, toddlers can surprise us, and teach us valuable lessons. I think it’s a lesson in life that they really know so much more than we do. They appreciate and enjoy life so much better. Why is that? Is it because we have over-worked ourselves, over-thought ourselves, or is it we just think too much of ourselves? They understand the simplicity in everything, and that’s enough for them. For some reason, it’s just not enough for us.

Well as most of you know, my son Kyle is approaching his 2 year birthday next month at light speed.  As I reflect over these past 2 years of being a mother, I have learned so much about myself. I realize that with full trust in God, I am stronger than I thought I was. I never knew how easily I could cry, or what it took to function with only 2 hours of sleep. My heart ached for Kyle when he suffered through seizures. My heart sang as he took his first steps and continued to hit milestones.  My heart continues to melt every time my little man stops his play to come over and offer hugs and kisses to “Mama”, then to return back to his activities. I never knew how much I could smile while reading a book that contained only 10 words. I never knew how much anger I could harbor against people who hurt children.

He’s happy when he takes “big steps“ down a stair or two or a dip in the pavement, and it’s such a huge accomplishment for him. His little eyes light up when he counts to ten or helps us sing the alphabet song. He claps and laughs and wants everyone to know what he has done. Yet when we make our smallest progresses, we feel like we have to do more, like that’s not enough. Why is that not enough? Why aren’t we happy with our littlest accomplishments?

I’ve learned that today, this day, is what we should be focused on. We should be so excited for the smallest things because that’s what makes us appreciate the bigger things even more so.  My son taught me that if you fall, then get back up. And not just that, but look around because someone probably wants to help you get back up. He taught me that if you make a mistake, laugh it off, and try not to repeat it. Kyle has taught me that if you want something bad enough then go for it.  Nothing is standing in your way but yourself, and only YOU actually have control over that person.

I can go on and on about all that I have learned and continue to learn everyday through motherhood but the bottom line is, being a mother for me, has made life seem more worthwhile.  It is so nice to be reminded of my purpose in life every time I look into my little boy’s eyes. I am truly blessed and thankful to God for entrusting me with such a precious little gift. I am making it an effort to appreciate all the little moments, good and trying both, because I know that one day I will look back and miss all these “little” things.



1. Joy Thacker - December 18, 2009

Just beautiful

emuleman - December 18, 2009

Thanks Joy!

2. Noel - December 18, 2009

Way to go, Mon!! Can’t agree enough on this, Monica. I’m so grateful to have you guys next to us cuz you truly show us an example of mommyhood in Christ. Even at the toughest moments you show such strength and I can totally tell where you seek your help. You’re an inspiration and a blessing, girl, and I’m sure many would agree on this. Thanks for being just so you and strong in His guidances, we have you, Kyle, Eric, ma & pa in our prayers always..

emuleman - December 18, 2009

Wow…Thank you so much Noel for the kind & encouraging words! That really means a lot to me, especially coming from you. I sometimes feel that you give me more credit than I deserve. Kyle & I too are so glad to have you and Nathan in our lives & thank God every day for such close friends as you. Especially since you are on the wacky side like I am…hehe 🙂 Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Years if we don’t see eachother before then!

3. Auntie Diannie Kimlin - December 20, 2009

This is priceless! Thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas & Best Wishes For 2010!
Love & Hugs, Auntie Diannie

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