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A Vegas Vacation and a case of Gastroenteritis November 23, 2009

Posted by emuleman in Family.
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It has been quite a week for myself and my family.  We started by heading to Las Vegas for our annual family reunion.  We were planning on meeting up with my sister Tina and her family as well as my Father and Step Mother.  Since my Father and Step Mother live in Chicago we don’t get a chance to see them all that often, so we were looking forward to seeing them both again, and for them to see how big Kyle has gotten.

We arrived in record time, making the trip in only 4 hours.  We checked into our room and got settled in.  We decided to arrive the day before to allow us to be fully rested before meeting up with everyone.  I also was looking forward to entering a few Poker tournaments, and maybe playing a little video Poker as well.

As luck would have it a friend of mine from Canada named Ruben was also going to be in Las Vegas, and we both wanted to meet up and have some fun walking down the strip and doing a bit of gambling.  He came by our hotel room the following evening to meet Monica and Kyle, then he and I went out to have some fun.  He ended up winning around $1200 dollars playing Blackjack, and I played a bit of video poker, but didn’t end up winning anything.  Needless to say I didn’t get home until the early morning hours, but I was on vacation in Vegas, and I was having a good time.

A few days later we had plans to meet up with the whole family at the Paris buffet for dinner.  We were looking forward to it, since the food is very good, and we purposely didn’t eat much during the day to make sure we would be good and hungry.  Monica fed Kyle his dinner at the room and then we walked over to Paris.

Within 10 minutes of sitting down Monica noticed that Kyle wasn’t looking to well, and didn’t want to eat a few small pieces of cheese that we got from the Buffet for him.  All of a sudden he got very sick and threw up all his dinner on the table.  It was quite embarrassing, but we were all more concerned with Kyle. Monica and I quickly cleaned him up as best we could and told everyone we had to leave to change his clothing and give him a bath since he was covered with his dinner, and didn’t smell very well.

We quickly made our way back to our room.  He seemed ok, just very tired.  We checked him over, and he didn’t have a temperature, so we assumed that he probably just ate something that didn’t agree with him.  This was the first time we have ever seen Kyle get sick, so we were both a bit surprised.

We laid him down on our bed once we got to the room, and Monica started to run a bath for him to clean him up.  I was in the process of removing his clothing when he got sick again, this time all over me and the bed.  We both felt so bad for him, but we quickly got him in the bath and he seemed to be doing much better 15 minutes later once we had him cleaned up and changed him into his pajamas. We decided to give him a little bit of water before bedtime since we figured he was probably dehydrated.  He gladly drank a few ounces of water, and we were beginning to feel relieved when he seemed to be doing better.

He  was walking around the room and suddenly began throwing up again.  We didn’t think he had anything left in his system, but the poor little guy continued to throw up several more times within the next 20 minutes.  At this point Monica and I became a bit concerned and worried, because we were due to give Kyle his seizure medicine before bedtime and we were afraid he would throw it up.  Monica called the Neurologist on call at CHOC Hospital to ask about what we should do.  He informed us to give him the medicine, and as long as he didn’t throw up for 10 minutes most of the medicine would be absorbed, and not to give him a second dose.   We also asked about what could be causing him not to hold anything down, and the doctor told us it could be quite a few possibilities, and if we were worried or if he continued to throw up so frequently then we should take him to the nearest emergency room. Since we were leaving the following morning we decided to wait a little longer to see if his condition improved.  We were both happy when after 10 minutes after we gave him his medicine he was getting tired and we put him to bed.  Needless to say Monica and I didn’t sleep that much as we both were very worried about him, and we wanted to make sure he didn’t continue to get sick .

The next morning we were very happy to see he seemed to be back to his normal self.  He was talking and walking around, and we were very relieved.  He was extremely hungry, and we figured that was because he didn’t have any dinner.  Monica gave him some milk and oatmeal, and he quickly ate it all.  Suddenly without warning he threw up his breakfast.  We were now very concerned because he wasn’t holding down any food or liquid.  We again thought it was probably food poisoning because he didn’t have a temperature or any other symptoms.  Since we were driving home today we thought we would avoid feeding him till we got home, and if he wasn’t doing good we could take him to his pediatrician the following morning.

We got all packed up and hit the road home around 2 in the afternoon.  Kyle seemed to be doing better, and we were happy to be heading home.  As we left Las Vegas I mentioned to Monica that Kyle hadn’t had any liquids for almost 24 hours, and I was concerned that he might get dehydrated.  We decided to give him a few ounces of water.  He seemed very thirsty, and drank the water down very quickly.  He was upset and wanted more, but we didn’t want to give him more until we knew his stomach could handle it.  After almost an hour we were happy to see he seemed fine.  We gave him a few more ounces of water, and he seemed very tired and drifted to sleep in his car seat.  We figured it was good for him to get some rest after the ordeal he went through over the last day.

Around 60 miles north of Barstow California we ran into some traffic.  We came to a complete stop, and traffic was just stop and go for the next hour and a half.  It took us over one hour to travel just 15 miles, and we both were getting frustrated.  We were both tired ourselves, and wanted to get home.

Suddenly Kyle woke up with a scream and was crying.  Monica was trying to comfort him, which normally calms him down, but he continued to cry and wanted her to hold him.  We were now concerned because normally he doesn’t cry very much, and Monica couldn’t seem to calm him down at all.  Then it appeared that he was having a difficult time breathing and then threw up all over himself and Monica.  Monica jumped into the back seat and unbuckled him from the car seat and leaned him forward to prevent him from aspirating.  At this time she noticed that he was burning up and we were concerned about him developing a fever in such a short time.  I quickly pulled to the side of the road and put on my hazard lights.  We still were in bumper to bumper traffic around 20 miles north of Barstow in the middle of the desert.  Monica told me she would ride in the back seat to comfort him, and now I wanted to get home even faster.

I was so very frustrated at this situation.  Stuck in the middle of nowhere, with a sick child and I felt completely helpless.  Monica started to panic when Kyle suddenly was unresponsive to her, and seemed to be staring off into space without responding to her talking to him and when he would respond it was almost zombie like and in a very hushed whisper.  She knew something was wrong, and I thought if I could just get to Barstow we could get him to a hospital to get him checked out.

The only time we have seen Kyle this unresponsive was before he had one of his Gran Mal seizures, and I was terrified that he might have one at any minute.  Traffic was finally beginning to move a bit faster, but still quite heavy, and we both began to panic a bit.  I told her to call 911 with her cell phone to get directions to the closest hospital in Barstow.

Once the dispatcher got on the line she connected Monica to the Barstow Emergency Response, and they asked where we were.  All I knew was I was around 10-15 miles away, and then I saw the sign for the agricultural inspection station 1 mile ahead.  The paramedics told us to stop once we got there, and they would send an ambulance to meet us.  We pulled over and Kyle seemed to be getting hotter by the minute, and still completely unresponsive to both Monica and I.  We both were scared, and just hoping the paramedics would arrive quickly.

A few minutes later we hear sirens and I see them speeding towards us.  They quickly evaluate Kyle and also seemed concerned about his condition and tell us they need to get him to the hospital.  Monica cradled Kyle in her lap the back of the ambulance, and I followed behind in our car.  I found out later that Kyle continued to get sick and throw up several more times in the back of the ambulance on the 10 mile trip to the hospital.

Once we arrived they took his vitals and he seemed to be ok, although his heartbeat was a bit fast and his temperature was a bit high.  They determined that he has Gastroenteritis, and it was caused by a virus.  After hearing daily about children dying from Swine Flu we both were worried.  They gave him some anti-nausea medicine that is given to post-operative patients experiencing nausea as well as patients undergoing chemotherapy and it really helped him a lot.  They wanted to wait 10-15 minutes to allow it to start working in his system & then give him something to drink and see if he could hold it down.  Within 15 minute he began to get better, and we were so relieved.

The Doctor gave Kyle a sippy cup full of 7-Up, and he gulped it down very fast.  We waited 15 minutes and he seemed back to normal.  The Doctor told us that running a small fever was normal, and that we should not feed him any solid food for at least 24 hours until he wasn’t getting sick on liquids.  She gave us a few more doses of this anti-nausea medicine and after several hours at the Barstow Hospital we were finally on our way home.  We finally arrived home 9 hours after leaving Vegas, and we all were completely exhausted.

Kyle also was happy to be home, and feel asleep almost instantly once we placed him in his crib.  We also were happy to be back home in our bed, and we both passed out well past midnight.

So that was a Las Vegas trip Monica and I will not soon forget.  We both are so very thankful that Kyle is alright.  I don’t think I have ever been so worried in my life as sitting on the side of the road waiting for an ambulance for my son.  It really made me think how devastated both Monica and I would be if anything bad ever happened to Kyle, and I am so thankful that everything turned out ok in the end.  By the way, Kyle seems to be doing much better today as he hasn’t thrown up so far and is in good spirits.



1. KITTY - November 23, 2009

OMG! I am so sorry to read about your baby’s health issues on your Vegas trip. That is such a shame that he was feeling so bad and you had to be so worried when you were supposed to be relaxing on vacation. Well, the best news is that Kyle is doing better and you guys are all home safe. Happy Thanksgiving. See ya next month!
Antie Kitty

2. Allan Frank - November 23, 2009

Praise God that you are all home safe and sound,
and that Kyle received the medical attention that
he needed.What a releif it must be for you both to
know that he will be fine once he fights off this virus.
I can only imagine how frustrated you and Monica must
have been out in the desert trying to get through the traffic.
As parents we all know that there is not anything that we would
not do for our children to spare them from the pain and discomfort that they experience(including trading places with them).As always
we will keep all of you in prayer.Rest up and feel better before returning to work, and that’s an order.
Love, Allan, Jake and Spencer

3. Veronica - November 24, 2009

OMG! what a horrible experience, I don’t know what I would of done in your situation but freak out!, but I’m so relieved and glad that Kyle is doing well and will be healthy to have some turkey this Thanksgiving.

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