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Orange County Fair July 16, 2009

Posted by emuleman in Family.
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Today the whole family went to the Orange County Fair.  It comes to town once a year in the summer, and we always try to go.  There is plenty of things to see and do, and it is a nice family activity.   We are lucky because it is just around one mile away from where we live, and we also got free admission today.  It  was the food drive day, and all you needed to do was bring five canned food items to get a free admission and one free carnival ride.  Since I was lucky enough to have the day off we all headed on down this afternoon.

They also have farm animals there for you to see, and children seem to enjoy that very much. We were anxious to see Kyle interacting with the various animals.  We took Kyle last year, but he was only 6 months old, and not really alert enough to enjoy seeing the animals.  He just turned 18 months old today, and boy did he have a great time!

I think my favorite part is eating the food they serve.  I know it isn’t the best for you, especially all the deep fried stuff, but it only comes to town once a year, so we make an exception.  I love this food stand that makes homemade, fresh potato chips slices paper thin.  Monica and I always get them.  We also enjoy the BBQ food they serve.  Tri-Tip, Beef Brisket, Ribs and Pork always gets me hungry!  I also saw they were serving up some stuff I wasn’t real sure about trying or eating.  Deep fried Twinkies and Oreos, and something new this year, Chocolate covered bacon.  I guess I am not that adventurous to try that just yet.

We all had a wonderful time.  I think I got a little too much sun, but I seem to burn after being out for just a little bit.  Luckily Monica remembered to bring the suntan lotion, or else it could have been worse.

The Orange County Fair will continue to be a yearly tradition for us.  Below is a video of our trip to the fair.  Enjoy, and comments are always welcome as usual.



1. Allan Frank - July 17, 2009

Thank you for sharing such a fun filled day with all of us.
Now,where’s that BBQ?
Allan,Jake and Spencer

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