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Kyle is learning to walk June 21, 2009

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Both Monica and I had been a little bit concerned that Kyle hadn’t seem too interested in standing up and walking.  He could stand for several seconds before he would lose his balance and fall down.  He just seemed more comfortable falling down and crawling along the floor to get around.  Most children his age, and some much younger had already began walking.  We thought maybe the fact he was wearing glasses might be causing him to be dizzy, or that maybe his medicine for epilepsy was too strong and also might have something to do with his lack of interest in trying to walk.

Monica would ask the Doctor if everything was alright with his development progress.  We were told that some children take longer to walk, and we shouldn’t be too concerned unless he still isn’t doing it by 18 months old.  I was getting nervous because Kyle only has around one month before he would reach that age, and he still wasn’t walking.

We were lucky to have Monica’s younger sister Mandy visiting us this week.  Kyle is fascinated to have a new younger person to play with, and he also seems to show off for her to get her attention.  I think it was just what we needed to get him motivated to start walking.

The other night he was standing in the living room spinning around and laughing trying to get Mandys attention.  Then he began walking around the room to really get her to stop reading and watch him.  We were all amazed and happy to see he finally had the courage to try to walk.

He is of course still a bit shaky, and always seems to walk from the couch to the other couch so he has something to lean up against to get him balance.  I always joke around that he looks like Daddy after a few beers the way he staggers around the room.

We are both very pleased and happy that he seems facinated that he is actually walking around like a big boy, and it is a relief to see him finally doing it literally at the last possible moment.  Below is a short video of him walking around and having fun, enjoy.



1. Gigi and Dad - June 22, 2009

Congratulations, Kyle is walking and you don’t have to worry any more. Now the trouble will really start, he will be into everything. Lock the doors and hide the keys.

2. Auntie Kitty - June 22, 2009

YAY! Baby Kyle has taken his first baby steps. This video is hilarious. He has the same stagger as Daddy!
Congrats I know you were a little worried, but now the fun begins — cancel your gym membership – pretty soon you will be chasing him everywhere.

3. bryana - June 22, 2009

Congratulations on Kyle walking!! Now the real fun begins 🙂 Good job little guy! You are all over the place now 🙂

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