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Kyle’s new car and new glasses April 30, 2009

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Kyle was lucky enough to get a  new car that he absolutely loves!  We first discovered it in Sam’s club when Monica let Kyle sit in it for a few minutes and pushed him around.  He started crying when we took him out of it a few minutes later.  After Monica told her Grandparents the story they decided that they needed to go purchase it for him.

Kyle loves being pushed around in the car.  He has a little cup holder, and he can push the horn on the steering wheel.  He likes to be pushed around the neighborhood.


Kyle also got his new glasses this week.  His eyes were starting to get crossed and the doctor sent us to see an eye doctor.  He takes after his Dad, and needs glasses.  Once the glasses are on Kyle seems to be able to see better, and the eyes no longer cross.  We are both happy that he can see better, and he also seems to like having then as well.

Below are a few photos for you all to enjoy.



1. Jen - May 12, 2009

He is so adorable. I love his glasses, especially since they turn to cool shades. He and my little guy will have to go “driving” around the neighborhood together.

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