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Tanaka Farms with O.C. Half-Pints April 17, 2009

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Today we went on an outing with our playgroup (O.C. Half-Pints) to Tanaka Farms located in Irvine, Ca.  It is a popular 30 acre family owned and operated farm that provides up close hands-on learning for children and adults of all ages.  They offer guided tours that highlight the fresh produce grown in that particular season.  Today’s tour was a “strawberry tour” and we had a blast.  Daddy joined us and made a home video to capture the moment.  Thanks Daddy!!!

The tour included our ride in a wagon around the farm and took frequent stops so that the tour guide could pick various fruits and veggies for us to see and taste.  I’ll have to say, nothing tastes better than fresh picked produce.  I didn’t find it too surprising either that Kyle tasted and enjoyed EVERYTHING we gave to him to sample.  He tried celery, carrots, onions, cilantro, sugar snap peas, & last but not least…strawberries.  Kyle’s half-pint friends Steven (& mom Veronica) & Kekoa (& mom Vicki) seemed to be taking in the moment too.  Around the middle of the tour we were greeted by huge strawberry fields and were let loose like kids in a candy store with our pint sized containers to pick our very own strawberries to take home.  Kyle couldn’t get enough of this experience.  He was sitting in the strawberry fields eating them as if his life depended on it (haha).  The other moms and half-pints in our group seemed to really enjoy themselves as well.  We then were herded like cattle back into the wagon for the ride back to the farm entrance.  On the way out we visited the produce stand and bought a few goodies to take home.

The weather was perfect for strawberry picking, and overall this was one of my favorite field trips ever! A special thanks to the Tanaka family for the hospitality and for providing an enjoyable visit.  I guess it’s now time for me to go book our group   reservation for the “watermelon tour” in July.  I hope you enjoy the video below.



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