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Alabama Trip 2009 March 25, 2009

Posted by emuleman in Family.
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Well my family arrived home last night, tired but glad to be home.  It was wonderful to see them both again, it has been a long two weeks.

I wanted to post  a quick photo slide show to show you some photos from the trip.  Unfortunately our digital camera is slowing dying, and seems to not take photos anymore, especially when you have a nice shot.  At least we have a new video camcorder, and I will be posting some movies soon once I have downloaded them and edited them.

We want to thank Monica’s cousin Holly for taking these shots with her camera.  She is the proud Mother of two children, Colt who is three years old, and Caselyn who is just 3 weeks younger than Kyle.  It is amazing to see Kyle and Caselyn together because then you realize that Kyle is big for his age.

These photos are from a trip to Sportsman’s lake, and some finger painting at Holly’s house.  Kyle really seemed to like finger painting.  In fact he seems to like any activity where he gets all messy.  Enjoy the photos, and check back soon for a movie from the trip coming soon.



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