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Big Boy Kyle is almost walking March 9, 2009

Posted by emuleman in Family.
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Today I came home from work and I realized that in less than 36 hours both Monica and Kyle will be on a plane trip to Alabama to visit her relatives.  I am happy that Monica gets the chance to show off Kyle to her Granny and her family.  I am also sad that I will not see them both for two whole weeks.  It will be the first time that I have been separated from Kyle for that long.  I know that I will be alright for the first few days.  I think by the end of the first week I will be having serious Kyle withdrawal.

I decided to grab the video camera to record a few minutes of Kyle.  I thought I could watch it when I was missing him later.  I also wanted to show everyone how big he has grown.  Monica and I realize that it is only a matter of time before he is walking and talking.  He can walk now with the help of his walker, and he is very smart at picking out people in pictures as he will  show you in the following video.

You also can see how our living room has become a new playground for Kyle, and Monica has put down safety mats and railings to prevent him from hurting himself or wandering around too much.

Kyle is becoming a big boy, and I often tell Monica that he is no longer a baby, but a toddler.  It is hard to believe how fast he is growing, and a part of me wants him to stay young, cute and innocent for as long as possible.  At least we can film him now, and remember how cute he was many years from now.

After watching the following short video I would like everyone to participate in the poll question listed below.  I am afraid that while in Alabama Kyle will finally walk on his own, and I will miss the experience that I have been looking forward too.  Tell me what you think.

As always we encourage you all to leave any comments you might have.



1. Vandy - March 10, 2009

He is a cutie!

2. GAIL - March 10, 2009

what a big boy Kyle is..
I will have to come visit him when he gets home. I noticed that on the video you didnot have Kyle idenify my photo on the wall of fame, ya know Erick he knows his Auntie Gail very well… Next time i want to be inclued in his attempt to identify family & friends. Love ya (:

emuleman - March 10, 2009

Sorry Aunt Gail, next time we will include you in the quiz!

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