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Ronald Reagan Presidential Library February 23, 2009

Posted by emuleman in Family.
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Today I went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library with my Mom.  Both my Mom and I are fans of President Reagan, and I knew my Mom would enjoy spending the afternoon seeing some of the historical items about her favorite President.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential library isn’t a library in the usual sense. It is more like a museum, preserving the written record and physical history of our 40th President.  It preserves the documents and artifacts of President Reagan, and provides insight into the time in which he lead our nation.

There were three specific highlights for me.  One is they actually have the original Boeing Air Force One plane that President Reagan used to travel more than 631,000 miles around the world while he was President.  In his first four years President Reagan made more than 120 official trips, visiting more than 200 cities at home and abroad.  You actually can walk on Air Force One and see how it looked like while he was President.

The second highlight was an exact replica of the Oval Office while Reagan was President.  It is much bigger than I would have originally thought.

The final highlight is that it is the final resting place of our 40th President.  The Memorial Site inscription reads:

I know in my heart that man is good, that what is right will always eventually triumph and there is purpose and worth to each and every life.

Ronald Reagan

It was a wonderful day, and we both had a great time.  If you ever get a chance to go visit the Presidential library I would highly recommend it.



1. John Bruce - February 24, 2009

So glad you enjoyed your visit! I hope you will come back again soon. Watch for an all new reaganlibrary.com website coming on April 2, 2009.

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