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Latest on Kyle January 28, 2009

Posted by emuleman in Family.
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We wanted to post some additional photos from Kyle’s first birthday party, as well as a few new ones that we hadn’t posted on the site yet.  Thanks Aunt Gail for sending me the ones you took from his party!

kyle1yr6dysold-2The two professional photos above were taken a week after his first birthday.  It looks like I might have to take Kyle fishing when he gets a little bit older, he seems ready in the photo above.

We also have news to report from Kyle’s neurologist visit.  He seems to be doing very well, and if he continues to be seizure free we will start to slowly wean him off his medicine at  the end of 2009.   Monica and I are happy about that, but also a little scared.  Last time we took him off his anti-seizure medicine he was doing very well for over a month before having a big seizure that we had to call the ambulance for and continued to have uncontrollable back to back seizures.  He ended up in the hospital for 5 days, put into a drug induced coma for 24 hours,  and was put back on his medicine.  We hope and pray that this won’t happen again.  They tell us that he has a 60% chance of outgrowing them since he seems to be responding so well to the medicine, but we won’t know until we try again.

We both also are so happy that he is doing so well.  He is always full of energy, and is almost at the point of taking his first steps.  We predict this will happen very soon, and then Monica will have fun chasing him around our small place.  He loves to explore and touch everything in sight.  We are going to have quite a lot of fun in the months ahead!

Thanks again to all who attended his party, and for all the wonderful gifts.  Kyle is blessed that he is so well loved and has so many friends.



1. fawnahareo - March 2, 2009

Hi Erik! I haven’t visited in a little while and I’m so happy to read that Kyle is doing so well. That’s wonderful news! Jade’s been healing on the ketogenic diet and yesterday was her first seizure-free day in five months. Hooray!

emuleman - March 4, 2009

That’s wonderful news! I hope that one day soon both our children will be seizure free!

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