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Happy New Year! January 1, 2009

Posted by emuleman in Family.

Well another year has come and gone, I still cannot believe how fast the time flies bye.  It seems to go faster and faster as you get older.  I enjoy the New Year because it gives everyone a chance to reflect on the last year, and gives you an opportunity to get a fresh start if you want to change something about yourself.  Of course we usually all say that we want to lose weight, and we stick to this plan for a couple of days or weeks before we blow it.  But it stills lets you evaluate your life, and this last year has been both good and bad for me and my family.

The bad is really not that bad.  I guess it depends on how you look at it.  Every situation does have the possibility to have some positive effects, regardless of how bad it seems.  Sometimes it isn’t apparent right away, but as time goes on you realize that without something bad happening you wouldn’t be in a current position to have good things happen.

The worst thing I think that has happened this last year is the economy.  I feel more effected than most because the slowdown has made my work very slow, and my paychecks have been getting smaller.  But I am thankful that I still have a job, and despite slow sales I still manage to provide for my family.  It has had a positive effect in that Monica and I are much more aware of our money and how we spend it.  This is good because you realize how much you waste your money on stuff that really isn’t that important.  It gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your spending habits and make the necessary adjustments.  I can see that this process is not only happening with me, but with most of the people in the United States.  This is good because when things are going well we forget how wasteful we have become, and also how fortunate we are.  As long as we have a place to stay, clothing to wear, and food to eat we will survive.  We need to realize that many people struggle to even have the basics I just mentioned.  I am optimistic that things will begin to get better in the new year.

Despite the bad things that happened in the last year I also have had a wonderful thing happen.  That is the birth of my son Kyle.  This one thing overrides everything else, and as long as he is healthy and happy I will be too.  I still cannot believe how much Monica and I had our lives changed on January 15th, 2008.  We both are overjoyed to have this little guy, and are happy that despite a few medical problems he is healthy and happy.  If you would have told me a year ago how much things would have changed for me I wouldn’t have believed you.  It has been the greatest thing to happen in both our lives.  We cannot imagine things without him.

Monica and I want to wish all our family and friends a very Happy New Year.  We hope that is is filled with much joy and happiness for everyone.



1. zoe858 - January 1, 2009

Nice article, I hope this year will be better for the both of us. Congratulations with the birth of your son!!!!

2. Al - January 5, 2009

Happy New Year you guys and many happy returns.

3. Erica - January 5, 2009

I was going through your site and you have a beautiful family…you all look genuinely happy!

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