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Las Vegas Family Reunion November 17, 2008

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Our family had a wonderful family reunion in Las Vegas this past week.  Since my Dad and Stepmother live in Chicago we don’t get a chance to see them that often.  This trip was especially nice since it was the very first time that my Dad and Gigi got a chance to finally meet Kyle.

As I would have guessed, Kyle was the hit of the family reunion.  Both my Dad and Gigi loved meeting him.  I also was happy to see that my sister and her family also were happy to see Kyle again. My brother in law Kimo seemed to really take a liking to Kyle, and it was nice to see everyone seemed to be fighting at the chance to hold him.

Kyle loved all the attention as well.  I would see him sit up and look around as Monica and I would push his stroller down the Las Vegas strip.  He seemed to be fascinated at the bright neon lights and all the people and activity going on as we strolled down the strip.  He would soak up all this activity, and seemed to love all the excitement.

We also got the chance to see a couple of Las Vegas shows while we were there, and Kyle loved that as well.  We went to see the Price is Right show at Bally’s.   It was a fun show, but unfortunately nobody in our big group of ten got called up to win any of the prizes they were giving away.

The other show we saw was called Comedy Pet Theater.  It was also pretty entertaining.  Kyle was sitting on Monica’s lap and clapping with the rest of the audience whenever they would start.  It was amazing to see both cat and dogs do the different tricks.  Definitely a good show for children who love animals.

As usual the time we were there seemed to fly by, and before you knew it it was time for us to say our goodbyes and head back home.  We were so happy to see my Dad and Gigi again, and wanted to thank them for the opportunity to see them and the whole family.



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