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Happy Halloween October 31, 2008

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Happy Halloween to everybody.  This is Kyle’s first Halloween, and of course he went to a couple of Halloween parties with his playgroup and at Monica’s work.  Monica had fun dressing Kyle up in his very first costume.

He looks so cute in his costume, and enjoyed playing with other children at the parties.

Since my video camera broke around a month ago I haven’t been able to take any movies of Kyle to put on the website.  Then I realized that I could use my web cam to take a small movie.  I had to move Kyle in his highchair close to the computer near the web cam, but it worked.  So below is my first web cam movie of Kyle having some fun waving a biscuit cookie around, when he should be trying to eat it.

Both Monica and I cannot believe how fast Kyle is growing.  In a couple of weeks he will be 10 months old already.  It is hard to imagine Kyle walking around soon, and we already can see that he is trying to talk to us.  He is pretty good at waving and saying hi.  He also loves waving bye at me when I leave for work in the morning.  We are sad to see him grow up so quickly, as we enjoy him at this young age.  We were just talking the other day about how pretty soon Kyle will be talking back and arguing with us, so we better enjoy this time now while it lasts.



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