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Kyle and Finn’s Playdate October 14, 2008

Posted by emuleman in Family.

Saturday Monica and Kyle went over to Aunt Gail’s house to meet Tara and Finn.  Tara is a mutual friend who has a 7 month old baby boy named Finn.  This was the first time that Kyle and Finn had met, and they both enjoyed playing together.

Gail’s dog Lucy also enjoyed playing with Kyle and Finn.  Kyle got lots of kisses from Lucy.

Overall Kyle and Finn had a wonderful time playing together, and hopefully will have more play dates in the future.

Here are a few photos for you all to enjoy.  Special thanks to Aunt Gail for the nice pictures, they turned out great!



1. Tara - October 24, 2008

That was such a fun day for both of us!! Kyle is such a little cutie pie!

But…Finn is only barely 6 months old!!!! 🙂 Don’t age him so quickly – I’m already having a hard time with the 6 month age! Hahaha

We will FOR SURE have to do this again! Wish we lived closer!

2. GAIL - October 30, 2008

oh yes it was a fun time for everyone, especaily auntie gail. Lets do it again real soon.. (:

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