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Da Curse of the Billy Goat October 5, 2008

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Normally I do not believe in superstition or urban legends, but this morning I am beginning to feel as if the Chicago Cubs are definitely still dealing with the Curse of the Billy Goat.

For those of  you that are not Chicago Cubs fans, or might not have ever heard of this curse let me leave an explanation from Wikipedia:

William Sianis, better known as Billy Sianis, was a Chicago, Illinois tavern owner, who went on to become part of baseball lore because of the famed Curse of the Billy Goat he supposedly put on the Chicago Cubs after he and his goat were tossed out of game four of the 1945 World Series. Because of the alleged curse he is said to have imposed on the Cubs, people nicknamed him “Billy the Goat”.

Billy Sianis was born in Greece and some time in the early 1900s immigrated to the United States, where he became a prominent Chicago bar owner, opening the famous Billy Goat Tavern in 1934. His tavern was visited by many of Chicago’s personalities of the 1940s, and Sianis appears to have been a charismatic business man.

Sianis was a big Cubs fan, and he enjoyed going to Cubs games along with his beloved goat. On October 6, 1945, he bought two tickets worth $7.20. One of the tickets was for him; the other one was for his goat. He was allowed to parade with the goat on the baseball field before the game started, with the goat wearing a sign stating “We Got Detroit’s Goat”.

Sianis and his goat watched the game from their seats until the seventh inning. It was then that security personnel told Sianis that he and his goat had to leave, due to complaints about the goat’s objectionable odor.

Sianis, according to believers of the curse, was enraged that such action was taken against him and his goat, and he then cursed the team. The exact nature of the curse differs in various accounts of the incident. Some state that Sianis declared that no World Series games would ever again be played at Wrigley Field, while others believe that his ban was on the Cubs appearing in the World Series, making no mention of a specific venue. Sianis’s family maintains that he sent a telegram to Philip K. Wrigley, which read, “You are going to lose this World Series and you are never going to win another World Series again. You are never going to win a World Series again because you insulted my goat.”

The curse was subsequently “lifted” in public on several occasions, first in 1969 by Sianis himself, and several times thereafter by his nephew Sam Sianis, the current owner of the Billy Goat Tavern. Nevertheless, many fans are convinced that some residual aspect of the curse persists.

The reason I am beginning to believe in this curse is because I just saw my favorite baseball team get swept in the National League Division Series.  I have been following the Chicago Cubs this entire season, as well as many other baseball fans across the country.  Why?  Well for a couple of reasons.

First, the Chicago Cubs have gone exactly 100 years since they have won a World Series.  There seems to be something magical about the 100 year mark, and many believed that this milestone would be the end of this losing streak.

Second, The Chicago Cubs have played extremely well this year. They had the best winning record in the National League.  They also had the best winning record while they were playing at home at Wrigley Field then any other baseball team this year in the NL.  For these reasons people began to talk about the curse finally being lifted.  Everything seemed to be going very well for the Cubs, and fans around the world began to think and believe this could be the year.  People started using words like Magical and Destiny.  I was so excited when they finally became the Division Champs.  It seemed that this was finally going to be the year.

Then the unspeakable happened.  The Chicago Cubs got swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers.  It seemed like the championship team that played all year just didn’t show up at all.  The Cubs just couldn’t get their game together for the series. They couldn’t pitch, they couldn’t hit, and they couldn’t field.  The Cubs were outscored 20-6 in the series.  How depressing.

So in the world of Cubs fans, we all hope that next year might be the year the Cubs finally win the World Series in our lifetimes.  They play baseball in the most beautiful ball park in the world at Wrigley Field.  With the ivy on the walls, the skyline beyond the outfield, and the large manually operated scoreboard above center field, there is no other with the aura or history behind it.

All I ask is that the Cubs can do it just once in my lifetime.  Just once in my lifetime, is that too much to ask?



1. Stephen Rollins - February 6, 2010

My team broke the curse of the Bambino, but a goat is a tough curse to break.

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