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The Economy and my Video Camera September 26, 2008

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I absolutely love my little video camcorder that I purchased with my computer several years ago.  I had used it quite a lot lately taking little mini movies of Kyle.  Many of them I have posted on this website.  I have been very happy to have this video camcorder to record the “special moments” of Kyle during the first months of his life.   I even made a nice dvd movie for my family that I recorded at the hospital the day that Kyle was born, and of taking him home and us getting used to our son the first few days together.

I really enjoy filming, editing the clips, adding music, and making them look professional and then making dvd’s for my family.  Since my Dad lives far away it makes me happy that I can occasionally send him a new dvd of Kyle and then he can enjoy seeing him growing up as well.

The other day I discovered that my video camcorder was not working.  I had it plugged in to re-charge the battery.  I tried turning it on and nothing happened.  No power light, no sound, no nothing.  I was upset that it just seemed to have died, and all of a sudden too.

I looked up the phone number for Canon who made my video camcorder.  I was happy to learn they had a service repair center in the next town over.  I looked up the address, and decided to go by to see how much it would cost to repair.  I was hoping it might be something simple that would not  be too expensive to repair.

When I explained the problem to the service center employee they said it sounded like the circuit board inside the camera had gone bad.  It was not going to be cheap to fix, since they most likely would have to remove the circuit board and replace it.  They then told me that since the camera was so old and outdated it probably made more sense to apply the money it would cost to repair towards buying a new one.  I would receive a small credit to exchange this broken camera for a refurbished one.

I then was given a number to call to get more specific details on this exchange program.  The technology on these new video camcorders is getting better everyday, and the prices are coming down as well.  The camera I have uses little mini tapes to record on.  The newer versions do not even use tapes, but instead have a hard drive similar to a computer, and you never need to buy tapes.  I really want to get one of these newer hard drive video camcorders, but the least expensive one is $599 with the exchange.  It is a good deal because I looked up the camera prices online and they normally sell for much higher.

Checkout the Camera I want by clicking here

The only problem is we cannot afford to spend this kinda money on a luxury like this.  Since Monica stays home with Kyle now and only works a few short hours a week we have had to be much more careful with our money and spending.  It also doesn’t help that the economy is really bad right now, and my paycheck has also been suffering lately due to a decrease in sales lately.

We have been very fortunate that Monica has been able to stay at home and raise Kyle.  I am so grateful to have such a wonderful wife who also is a good mother and who really knows how to shop for a bargain and sale.  She always amazes me when she comes home from the store with several bags of groceries that will last us for a couple of weeks, yet spends a very small amount of money.  She is a natural when it comes to spending money wisely, and I am lucky for that.

I hope maybe after the first of the year business will pick up at work and the economy will start to improve.  Most people I talk to are a little concerned right now with the economy, and even if they have money they are not spending it like they use too.  This has been kinda a scary thing watching the financial markets almost collapse around us.  I am confident that the economy in this country will eventually improve and we will come out of this recession we are currently in.  Until then we all have to tighten our belts and spending habits and learn to get by with the essentials.

We all have to remember that the most important things in life do not cost anything, our family and friends.



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