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Disneyland visit for Kyle September 9, 2008

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Well today Monica and I took Kyle for his very first visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland.  At first I was against the idea because Kyle is almost 8 months old, and I thought he wouldn’t have much fun since he couldn’t really go on any rides or understand a whole lot.  But Kyle loves to look around, and seems to absorb everything going on around him like a sponge.  So overall I think he had a great time.

We were lucky that one of Monica’s friend Rick works at Disneyland.  He met us at the gate and got us in for free.  Did you know the price for a ticket is $96 dollars now?  Wow, we are lucky that Rick got us in.  Thanks Rick!

Monica and I only went on only one adult ride without Kyle,  Soaring over California.  That is still one of my favorite rides!  If you never have tried that one I highly recommend it.  Dinseyland has this parent pass where one parent goes on the ride, the other waits outside.  Once the first parent is done he gives his ticket to the other and they get a entrance to the front of the line while the other parent watches the children.  Pretty neat idea that we just learned about today.

We took Kyle on the Carousel, the Story Book ride, Winnie the Pooh and the Tiki Tiki Room.  He really seemed to have a wonderful time.  He even got a chance to meet Winnie the Pooh, and had fun shaking his hand and waving at him.  Overall it was a great day!



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