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Ten websites to waste time when you are bored-Part 2 September 7, 2008

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It seems that one of my posts gets the most hits and traffic, and that was one I did a few months ago called “Ten websites to waste time when you are bored.”

Due to the high amount of visitors to that post, and many people telling me how much fun they had with those stupid websites I have decided to do a part 2.  If you have not seen the first part just click on the link here to check it out.

So here is a new list of websites that you can waste more time on, and have a little fun at the same time.  But please remember that I have warned you ahead of time that these sites are a waste of time, and you will never get that time back!

Press the Spacebar

Now this is not that complicated, it is basically what the name implies.  You select a time frame, you start the game by pushing the spacebar, and continue pressing is as fast as you can.  The object is too see how many times you can push it within the time frame you have chosen.   Really not that complicated.  I guess you can challenge your friends, or just give your one finger a really good workout.


Talking Pets

Well this is a fun website to check out, especially if you want to make a cat or dog talk. You can choose a dog or cat from the gallery, or upload a photo of your own pet and then type in what you want your pet to say and enjoy watching your pet talk.  You also can select from some pre-recorded messages from Happy Birthday to I love you.  Then you can email your talking pet to your friends.  Definitely a fun site to waste some time on.


Four Squares

Well this site is really a complete waste of your time, yet I found myself having fun.  Just click on the squares and see what happens.  Basically you just continue clicking on the squares and they multiply before your eyes.  How long can you continue to click?


Click the color, not the word

This one really doesn’t need much explanation.  The name is the description of the game.  A word of a color is flashed on the screen and you need to click the box below of the color it is, not the word color.  Sounds easy, but it can play tricks with your mind.  You are on a timer, so you need to answer within a few seconds before the time runs out.  This should keep you busy for a while!


Spot the Differences

Now this site actually requires a little brain power, but after the other useless sites I thought I would put a challenge in this list as well.  Basically you can choose from photos, domino’s, or drawings.  You have two photos put side by side, and need to pick out the specific differences.  It is a little harder than you might think, since some of the differences are very small and somewhat difficult to pick out.  Have fun.


Mysteries of Time and Space

M.O.T.A.S. – Mysteries of time and Space is a very interesting site.  It is an online graphic adventure game in which the adventurer has to solve riddles and puzzles, find and use objects, escape from locked rooms, find hidden passages and be a detective and examine everything to unlock the doors of the mystery of time and space.


Particle Blaster

Now this game is very similar to an old arcade game I use to play back in high school called Asteroids.  You have a little spaceship you control and you need to shoot the circles to break them into smaller pieces and try not to collide with the circles or pieces at the same time.  It can be frustrating, but it also can be fun once you clear a level and move up.


Floaty Light

This is a basic maze game where the object is to blow on the bubble and guide it through the maze without touching the walls.  Use the cursor to gently blow air on the bubble and point it in the direction you want it to go.   Another fun game, but can get frustrating.



This game is pretty much a computer version of the very popular guitar hero game that is out and available on Xbox and Playstation.  The object is to play along by hitting the notes at the exact time.  Try to get better and you will unlock different songs.  You also can pick the difficulty level at easy, normal or hard.


Tangerine Panic

this is another strange game that actually is quite challenging.  You basically need to move your man back and forth and avoid the many falling tangerines.  You only have a few lives that are represented by red hearts on the bottom right of the screen.  As the game progresses more tangerines fall, and it becomes much more difficult.  Have fun!



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