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2008 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Show August 24, 2008

Posted by emuleman in Work.
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Today at my work we held the 15Th Annual Los Angeles Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Show.  This is our biggest yearly event, and has turned out to be a favorite of mine, as well as our customers.  It always seems to attract hundreds of people interested in checking out some beautiful machines that have been customized by their owners.  In addition to the motorcycles on display we also have a band, and of course free food for all to enjoy.

Many of you already know that owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle almost guarantees that you will be modifying or customizing your machine in some way.  Part of the attraction is that you do not have to be riding the exact motorcycle as anyone else.  That is in part due to the huge amount of accessories that both Harley-Davidson and other companies sell to let owners customize their bikes to suit their personalities.  This is very apparent as you walk around and see for yourself some of the motorcycles our customers have put their special touches on.  Some of these bikes look so good that I would almost be afraid to ride because they are so beautiful, and I would be afraid that I would damage them in some way.  Noticed that I said almost.

It was a great sunny southern California day, and everyone had a wonderful time listening to great music, eating good food, and checking out these gorgeous motorcycles. No wonder this event has become so popular over the last 15 years.



1. CARAL "KITTY" KIMBELL ROGERS - August 30, 2008

Hey Erik,
Thank you for posting these photos from our bike show. It’s nice to relive that day through your lens. Looks like our bike show was a lot of fun for our customers. Thanks for sharing. I am enjoying your website and I cannot wait to see what you do for our company website. Keep up the good work!

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