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Kyle’s New Bouncer August 18, 2008

Posted by emuleman in Family.
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We were lucky and happy to have Monica’s Grandparents buy Kyle a new bouncer.  A bouncer is basically a device that Kyle can stand up in and bounce up and down.  It also keeps him entertained, because there are several things mounted on it that Kyle can interact and play with.  He seems to get excited once he realizes that he can control the movement.  He also likes to grab and play with all the gadgets on the bouncer that flash lights or play music.

He is growing up so fast before our eyes.  He turned 7 months old a few days ago, and you can tell he is getting more alert and is interacting with people more.  He just started rolling over, and now can roll around in his crib.  Monica and I are so happy that he is such a happy baby, and seldom cries.  He does get irritated and fussy now and again, but generally speaking he is very good.  We are both so happy!

This morning I filmed a minute of video of Kyle enjoying his bouncer.  Something about me watching him having fun makes me talk like a little kid to him, as you will notice on the video.  Enjoy.



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