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Opening Ceremony Beijing Olympics August 10, 2008

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Friday night Monica and I watched the opening ceremonies for the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing, China. It was a very impressive opening, and it shows how much training and planning the Chinese people have spent on this. From what I have read they spent over $300 million dollars and had a cast of 15,000 people involved in the opening ceremonies, and you could tell by watching it. It was absolutely wonderful watching the amazing technology, great music, and risky acrobatics that was flawlessly executed. This was way better than I ever expected, and I think it will be very difficult for any other country in the future to top this.  The Bird’s Nest Stadium where it all happened was specifically built for this, and it looked great.  They had video that wrapped around the top of the stadium, and shot fireworks from the top opening.  It was quite a site to see!

I wanted to post a few videos of the highlights from the ceremony, for people who missed it, but I cannot due to broadcast rights that were purchased for $800 million dollars by NBC. I searched the internet for some video only to find that most of it that was posted was already taken down. NBC is working with all of the biggest video sites on the Web to get them to take down video, and it is watermarking each second of video that comes out of the the International Olympic Committee’s feed, to make takedowns easier.

I totally understand that NBC wants to make sure that anyone who wants to watch the Olympics or anything to do with them has to be forced to watch hours and hours of commercials. It just seems odd in this technology age of the internet, and instant video feeds from around the world, that NBC can control Olympic footage posted on the internet. They even decided that the Opening Ceremonies would not be broadcasted live, but tape it to run the following evening so it would be in prime time, and they could run more commercials. I am sure they will probably run the opening ceremonies again on television, or I predict sell the whole opening along with highlights on a DVD after it is over. It you happened to miss it I would recommend trying to watch it if you get a opportunity. It was very impressive, and highly entertaining as well.

I did find some very nice photos from the opening ceremony. I have included them here in a slide show. I would recommend that you click on the “view all images” button to get a chance to see the photos bigger, and see the details.

For all you Olympic fans I also have a few links.

Overall Olympic Medal Standings

Official NBC Olympic site Only place to get live video feeds



1. fiftypushing - August 17, 2008

Hi guys! Thanks for this post – I missed the opening as my husband and I were on a plane to Barcelona to go on a cruise for our 30th wedding anniversary. We were given a newspaper on the plane with a few photos and I am looking forward to finding more on the web. Looks like there will be a bit of a wait! Love your blog – I am going to use it to keep up to date with what’s going on in your part of the world. My son and his wife have just returned from a two-week stay in California (they live in London). I live in Cape Town, South Africa. Found your blog through LInkreferral.

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