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Happy Birthday and the Dark Knight August 2, 2008

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Well today was my birthday, and I wanted to thank everyone who called and sent me emails wishing me a happy one. Although I am perfectly alright with the concept of getting older, it seems time is just whizzing by the older I get.  I am now 42 years old, and it is a strange feeling and concept to realize that I am probably near or over the half way mark.  If I make it to 84 years old I will consider that a long and fulfilling life.  Ask me that if and when I make it to that age and I probably won’t agree with you then.  Who knows, hopefully medical technology will improve so I can live even longer.   Now that I am a father it makes me realize how much I appreciate every day.  I was fortunate enough to be able to take a vacation day from work, and spend the day with my wife and son.

We started the day going to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, the Claim Jumper.  We enjoy it very much and even had our wedding reception there several years ago.  Both Monica and I have never been disappointed with the food or service.  My Father surprised me with a gift certificate for there, so it tasted even better. (Always does when you don’t have to pay for it, doesn’t it?).

We then were lucky enough to have Monica’s Grandparents babysit Kyle while we went to see a movie.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my son Kyle, but it was nice to get away for a few hours, just Monica and I.  I was a little concerned that Monica wasn’t going to enjoy herself that much.  This was the longest time that we have left Kyle in the care of her Grandparents.  I totally trust them, but I know Monica has a more difficult time being separated from him.  She has become such a wonderful Mom.  We hadn’t been away but 20 minutes and just found our seats in the movie theater when she asked me if she should call her Grandparents and check in.  I convinced her that we just left, and that they are more than capable of caring for our son for a few hours.  In fact I know they love having the opportunity spending some time with him.  You can tell by how they both love interacting with him, and that makes me feel good.

The movie we went to see was the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight.  Now you must not watch the news if you never heard of this film.  It set a one-day box office record with $66.4 million on opening day,  and  took in a record $155.34 million in its first weekend.  I believe the reason for this is because it was getting very good reviews, and because of Heath Ledger. He played The Joker in the movie shortly before his death on January 22, 2008, from an accidental prescription drug overdose at age 28.

Now I have always been a fan of Batman and even enjoyed watching the Batman television show growing up as a kid.  Looking back at those shows today makes me realize how childish and cheesy that show was.  I was only a very young child and watching those shows seemed so exciting and wonderful.  I think that is also why most people my age also seem to like Batman, from the early childhood experiences.

This movie is completely different.  It is not intended as a children’s movie at all.  It is a very adult movie, and the most impressive movie about a comic book character that I have ever seen.  The acting is outstanding by all the actors, including Christian Bale as Batman, Michael Caine, as the butler Alfred, and Heath Ledger, as the Joker, who add a level of depth to the film.  Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker is a stand-out performance, and in my opinion he will be nominated for an Oscar, and win.  Even hours after leaving the theater I am still remembering how wonderfully dark and twisted his performance was.  It makes you realize how sad it is to lose such a young actor as he demonstrates in this movie his exceptional talent.

As you can probably already tell I really enjoyed the movie, and would recommend it highly.  It dealt with many moral issues as well as being a blockbuster special effects movie.  It is much deeper than your typical summer blockbuster that relies solely on explosions and car chases.

Overall this was a very good birthday and I enjoyed spending quality time with my family.



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