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5.4-Magnitude Quake Near L.A. a Drill for the ‘Big One’ July 30, 2008

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Everyone has probably already heard, but southern California experienced another earthquake yesterday.  I was in the Jacuzzi with Monica’s sister Mandy who is visiting us for a few days.  At first I thought I was imagining, but soon I realized that I wasn’t.  It was  weird experience being in water when it happened.  It felt like the whole jacuzzi was moving up and down, and I got a little dizzy for a second.

Monica was inside feeding Kyle when it happened.  She came outside to the pool area to confirm that we just experienced an earthquake.  We turned on the television and found out the quake was centered in Chino Hills, California.  This is the town where my Mother currently lives.  I tried several times to call her, but all the phone lines were busy and I finally got the chance to leave a message on her answering machine.  I was beginning to get concerned when she finally called me back to say she was alright.  She was out eating lunch at a local restaurant when it happened, and just returned home.  It was a relief to find out she was fine.

Although I have been living in southern California for over 20 years, and have experienced a few earthquakes, I still don’t like it.  It is an uneasy feeling when you realize that one is happening, and really nothing you can do but wait it out.  You always hope that it won’t be to big and strong.

This one was considered a medium sized earthquake.  They always talk about “THE BIG ONE” that is going to happen one day.  I just hope I am not in southern California when it happens.

Here is a little news story about the quake if you happened to miss it.

LOS ANGELES —  Despite shaking a large swath of Southern California, a magnitude-5.4 earthquake was not the “Big One” that scientists have long feared. Still, it rattled nerves, causing people to vow to step up their emergency preparations.

The quake, which rocked the region from Los Angeles to San Diego on Tuesday, caused only limited damage and minor injuries, and served as a reminder of the seismic danger below sprawling freeways and subdivisions.

The temblor’s epicenter was located just outside Chino Hills, 29 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles in San Bernardino County, and it was felt as far east as Las Vegas. Dozens of aftershocks followed, the largest a magnitude-3.8.

Source:  Fox News

Thank you to everyone that called to check up on us, we appreciate that.



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