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Total visitors to our Webpage July 19, 2008

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It has been almost two months since I started this webpage on May 25, 2008.  I mainly wanted to do it for my family and Monica’s family who live far away.  Thanks to the Internet we can keep the whole family updated on what is going on with our family with stories and photos as well as movies.

So far I have had a wonderful time doing it.  I have promoted the website with many promotional blog websites to improve overall traffic to the site.  You probably have noticed the various blog buttons I have listed on the bottom right.  By listing our website on these sites I automatically have more traffic, and in return have fun visiting other peoples websites as well.

I also have added several counters to the website to keep track of total visitors and where they are from.  I am completely overwhelmed as to the total visitors as well as where all the visitors are from.  Below I have posted results as of today.  These results are from less than two months, so I can only imagine what traffic will be like after one year!

Feel free to click on the map or flag counter below to get a more detailed listing of visitors.  You also can check both these counters yourself on the webpage for up to date, accurate results.

  • Statistics

    • 2,726 Visitors to the site so far since it was created on May 25, 2008

60 different countries have visited this site!

Locations of visitors to this page

Thanks again for everyone visiting the site on a regular basis.  I will try to always keep you all informed on new things going on with my family.  I appreciate all the positive comments I have received from everyone.



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