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A visit from Aunt Gail July 10, 2008

Posted by emuleman in Family.
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Yesterday Kyle had a visit from Aunt Gail.  He always is so very happy when she stops by to say hello, and spend a few hours with him.  He definitely knows her very well, and his face lights up whenever he sees her.  Monica and I are very happy and fortunate to have such a good friend, and so is Kyle!

Today we went to see the metabolic doctor at the hospital.  The good news is that all the test they did came back normal.  It appears that Kyle is perfectly healthy.  Since he has been on the medicine he hasn’t had a seizure.  The other good news is that since Kyle seems to be responding positively to the anti-seizure medicine there is a better chance that he will completely outgrow them within the next few years.  Monica and I are very happy and relieved to hear that news!

Here are a few photos Aunt Gail took from last night with Kyle and his rubber duck.  He always seems to laugh when he gets to play with his rubber duck.  Gail can barely hold Kyle now, he is around 22 pounds, and it can be dificult holding him up for an extended period of time.

Thanks again Aunt Gail, Kyle is so happy when ever you stop by!



1. GAIL - July 10, 2008

he is so adorable, and i love his full cheeks. i am happy that i get to spend time with the little guy. Love Auntie Gail

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