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Angel’s Graduation Party June 21, 2008

Posted by emuleman in Family.
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Well today Monica and I and of course baby Kyle went to Angel’s graduation party.  Angel is my niece.  My sister Tina is married to Kimo, who is Samoan.  In usual Samoan style they threw a very big party.  Several Samoan relatives also graduated, so the party was for a total of five people, which meant there was quite a lot of people and they had to throw a big party.  They rented out the clubhouse in my sisters complex.

There was a huge BBQ, and my Brother in law Kimo was busy grilling everything from steak, chicken and short ribs.  If that wasn’t enough food they topped it off with a full size roast pig.   I don’t think I have seen so much food in one place before.  My best guess was that there was at least 125 people there.  They had a bouncer for the young kids to play in, and a D.J. playing some good party music for the rest of us.  It was a very fun event.

Congratulations to my niece Angel.  She told me she wants to study in the medical field, and we all wish her success in her new endeavor!  Thanks to my Sister and her family for hosting such a wonderful party!



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