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John McCain Wants You, Baby Alex June 19, 2008

Posted by emuleman in Thoughts.
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Have you seen the new ad that Moveon.org has produced?  It is designed to make you believe that if John McCain is elected President poor baby Alex who is still in diapers is heading to Iraq.  It almost is too outrageous to believe, but it is an actual ad.  Take a look for yourself.

Once again they are trying to manipulate people and steer them away from the real issues.  They took John McCains comments and distort them into something else. The basic premise of the ad was a conversation between Senator McCain and the late Tim Russert last January. McCain told Russert that U.S. troops are needed around the world, but we have to keep them safe. The Q-and-A went like this:

Russert: President Bush has talked about our staying in Iraq for 50 years.

McCain: Maybe 100. We’ve been in South Korea and Japan for 60 years. That’s fine with me as long as Americans are not being injured or harmed.

John McCain’s infamous “100 years” quote has been played out and taken out of context for far too long. We all know the point Senator McCain was making: that we may have a troop presence in Iraq long after the war is over. His suggestion was that Iraq would become a country like Germany, Japan, or South Korea, home to an American military presence meant to keep the peace and show the flag. It’s the same point Barack Obama has made when he said a military presence would be necessary even after he has pulled out combat troops. Moveon.org is entering dangerous territory by lowering the political dialogue to the level that they have.

I am glad I am smart enough to know that my son Kyle is safe from being sent to Iraq, even if McCain becomes the next President.  We all know that the U.S. Military is a completely voluntary service, and I seriously hope that the major conflict and senseless killing in Iraq will be over by the time Kyle reaches the recruitment age of eighteen.

So rest assure, John McCain is not going to snatch baby Kyle from the arms of his mom and force him to go to war. But if Kyle does grow up and become a soldier, both Monica and I and ninety year old retired President McCain will be very proud of him for his choice of public service. 🙂



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