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Ten websites to waste time when you are bored June 11, 2008

Posted by emuleman in pc games.
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How many times have you been hanging around either waiting for something or just plain bored? I have found several interesting website that can keep you occupied for hours. I will suggest that nobody try these games while at work. You might lose track of time and end up getting fired! Some are more fun and challenging than others, and some are just plain stupid. I have included a list that should easily waste several hours of your life. Just click on the name of the game to try and play these games yourself. But be careful, you will waste time!

I have just posted a part 2 of ten additional websites to waste time on.  Please make sure to check them out at this link here.

Roller Coaster Designer

Ever want to design your own Roller Coaster? Well if so this game is for you! Produced to teach children about physics and g-forces, Roller Coaster puts you in the shoes of an intrepid theme park designer who must build a big dipper that thrills but doesn’t make the passengers throw up, or worse, black out.


Bubble Wrap Heaven

If you like clicking bubble wrap till there is no more to click, you will love this! Your computer screen can become a giant piece of warp and you can satisfyingly click all the bubbles till there are none left. Fear not though, you can create a new sheet by clicking on “Fresh sheet”. If you are feeling nervous, then there is a manic mode where the bubbles will pop simply by waving your mouse over them. Empty headed and aimless fun, I love it!


Senses Challenge

“Senses Challenge” is on-line test provided by BBC, where you can test your previously learned knowledge on various optical illusions. They call them optical illusions for a reason, so don’t get too frustrated. It’s all for fun, remember?



This game is fun, but gets harder as you complete the different levels. All you need to do is CLICK AND DRAG pieces to move them. Pieces can only be moved forward and backward. Get the blue piece out the exit.


The Idiot Test

This will take you a long time to complete for two reasons. Firstly, there are lots of “questions” to answer. Secondly, if you get something wrong you have to go all the way back to the beginning. If you have any sort of work-shy tenacity then you won’t be able to resist starting all over again.



Netdisaster really is simple. After you type in the address of the site you want to destroy, you can select any number of disasters from the drop-down menu. The rest of the fields, like whether you can control the destruction or whether the destruction is self-repairing, depends on the type of disaster you want to see. Some disasters even have sounds. When you load the disaster, you’re taken to the site you submitted and a toolbar is added to the top of the screen. From the toolbar, you can reload the site, to change the disaster. There are so many choices that it could take hours to look at all of them, and decide which websites to demolish.


Squares 2

Use your mouse to guide your black square around the screen, picking up other black squares along the way Try to avoid red squares. Pick up as many black circles as possible for extra points or bonuses. Red circles give you penalties – like evil squares, increased speed, biq square of minus 1000 points. A very fun game that is very addicting.



You played with it as a child, but why stop there? We know you crave to create, so we’ve built a computer Lite-Brite for the peg artist inside all of us.


Falling George Bush

What can I say about this one. Our soon to be departed President is free falling down on bubbles. You need to help move the President as he falls down. You can also choose Hillary, Obama or McCain.


Singing Horse Quartet

Make sure your sound is turned on for this one. After all the horses appear, click a horse to make him start or stop his part. Mix and match for unlimited musical possibilities! (Well, ok, after a while it doesn’t seem very unlimited).

Well there you have it. Hope you have fun for hours playing around with these websites and do nothing but waste your time.



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