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Understanding Epilepsy May 27, 2008

Posted by emuleman in Family.
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Kyle in the Hospital

As most of you know already our son Kyle has been diagnosed with Epilepsy. He had several seizures shortly after we took him home from the hospital. The good news is that they performed every test imaginable and everything checked out normal. We took him home with some anti-seizure medicine and everything was fine.

A few weeks later we slowly took him off the medicine since he hadn’t had a seizure. We were happy that it appeared that he outgrew them.

Two months later he had a seizure that lasted around two minutes and his breathing appeared to stop and it scared us to death. We again took him to the hospital in an ambulance and they again did more testing. Again everything came back normal.

We need to keep Kyle on the anti-seizure medicine for at least two years. After that we can again slowly taper him off the medicine and see if the seizures disappear. The Doctors tell us that we have a fifty percent chance that he might never have a seizure again, but he also might continue to have them.

We both were uneducated about epilepsy, and what it was. Basically it is a seizure disorder. About 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy at any one time. Epilepsy is usually controlled, but not cured, with medication. Not all epilepsy syndromes are lifelong – some forms are confined to particular stages of childhood.

I also thought that it also affected the brain and learning, but this is not true. We are both thankful that everything else checks out normal, and that the seizures were not caused by a more serious problem.

This whole experience has given us a chance to learn what epilepsy is, and how to deal with seizures.

The following movie explains it in detail, and I hope everyone takes a few minutes to watch it.

Thank you

Understanding Epilepsy



1. fawnahareo - July 30, 2008

I love this video series. I’ve got a bunch of them linked from my site.

Kyle sure is a cutie! Six months is such a wonderful age! It just keeps getting better and better from here on in!

I’m so glad his seizures have been under control with medication and hope that when you start trying to wean him off, you’ll find that he’s outgrown the epilepsy.

All the best…!

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